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Are home workouts as effective as a gym?

by Humayun Saleem
Workout at home

Workout at home isn’t as easy as it appears to be. However, if this question has popped up in your mind “are home workouts as effective as a gym “, you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of working out from home. Maintaining a regular exercise and fitness routine isn’t a cup of tea everyone can afford. However, those people who love to keep their bodies toned up and appear attractive, are willing to pay the price for it. Majority of the people prefer working out at the gym where they can find a dedicated space to flex their muscles with a level of motivation. However, going to the gym regularly is not an easy task.

Like many other people, you may have taken a head start by joining some local gym, paying the registration fee, and hitting the equipment for a couple of days, only to end up messing up with this streak. It isn’t uncommon. Life comes in. It becomes difficult to drive to the gym and keep this routine consistent.

But does it mean you should forget about exercising at all? Just because you weren’t able to hit the gym daily, doesn’t make you a failure. There are other options available. One of them is, obviously, working out from home.

But the point of concern for most people is that are at home workouts as effective as the gym? The answer is ‘yes’. It depends on many factors.

You should opt for a workout at home if you are:

● Stay at home dad/mom

● Not a social person

● A person who is super busy

● A person who hates a rigid routine

● Freelancer

If you fall into one of these categories, home workouts are best for you.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of working out from home:

Benefits of home workouts:

● You set your own schedule

● It is inexpensive because you don’t need all equipment

● No monthly fee like gym

● You can have rest in between tough exercises

● You can save travel expense

● It challenges you to be creative

● Time saving

● No waiting to use the equipment

Disadvantages of home workouts:

● You may not afford advanced equipment

● It may feel demotivated sometimes

● You may fall back to your comfort zone easily

● Difficulty maintaining posture without instructor

● Initial home gym cost can be high

Workout at home equipment:

If you are willing to start a home gym you will definitely need some basic equipment to get started. There is no need to buy expensive equipment at first. With the main equipment, right techniques, you can train every muscle of your body with little creativity and dedication.

You will need the following exercise equipment to get going:

● Exercise mat

● Dumbbells

● Stability ball

● Exercise bench

If you wish to create a mini gym at home, you can buy the following items as well:

● Exercise bike

● Treadmill

● Weight machines

You can also add further equipment that is totally optional, like setting up mirrors, firm mat, heart rate monitors, weight benches, and sound systems.

Sound system can keep you motivated. As you will not be interacting with other bodybuilders and weightlifters in real time, music can prove to be quite effective in maintaining your enthusiasm and motivation levels.

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Fitness specialists on home workouts

If you ask any fitness specialists, are home workouts effective? They will shake their heads up and down saying yes. Lauren Kanski, a fitness expert says “a little movement is better than no movement at all”. According to fitness specialists, all you need is a space equal to a yoga mat where you can move and flex your muscles. Your home is limited with respect to space and equipment but its not a big deal if you are creative enough and willing enough to move.

How to effectively do workout at home?

To make your exercise effective, you can follow step by step tutorials of trainers. There are hundreds of videos available online, on Instagram, YouTube or trainers’ websites where they share all the latest methods and processes of carrying out effective home workouts. A word of caution is that you should only follow those who have enough credentials in the fitness field. Following every exercise can sometimes be harmful for your body. So, before opting for a sequence of exercises, do your research and if possible, take online membership of any fitness club or install a credible fitness app on your mobile.

Following these steps will make your home workouts more effective and enjoyable.

Final thoughts:

Are home workouts as effective as a gym? We are sure you will be in a better position now to answer this question on your own. Don’t wait for the right moment, take action and start moving your body in the comfort of your homes.

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